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Homelessness has been a hot-button issue in California for quite a while now. Commander X, Chris Doyon, fought for legal encampments.

According to court documents, Doyon allegedly participated in and helped organize “Operation Peace Camp 2010”, a two-month-long protest where over 50 people slept outside the Santa Cruz County District Courthouse protesting the city’s homeless camping law. The protest ended with numerous arrests.

Court documents also claim that Doyon allegedly hacked into Santa Cruz County computers as retribution for the protest’s breakup by conducting a Distributed Denial of Service attack.

Doyon was arrested June 11 by Mexican immigration authorities and deported to the United States, where he was arrested by FBI agents the next day.

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“Leiderman told me in 2012 that he thought the whole case should be dismissed. Most of the “damages,” he said, were just employee salaries that were already being paid; besides, he thought the whole thing was essentially just a political protest. “They didn’t harm Santa Cruz’s computers, they didn’t go in and rape their servers,” Leiderman said then. In his view, the DDoS attack was “absolute speech under the First Amendment.”


“According to an indictment, Doyon was part of a series of coordinated cyber attacks following a protest in Santa Cruz, California in 2010. Demonstrators occupied the front steps of the Santa Cruz Courthouses for approximately two months, from July 4 to October 2, 2010,  to protest the county’s law against camping that directly impacted people experiencing homelessness in the city. “

East Bay Times

“Operation Peace Camp 2010, which began in July of 2010 on the courthouse steps, ended when law enforcement broke up the protest Oct. 2 in front of Santa Cruz City Hall, where the protest had relocated. Doyon was one of five protesters arrested for sleeping in public related to the protest; a warrant was issued for his arrest when he did not show up for a Santa Cruz court date. “

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